Evening Dress Styles and Suppliers

Every woman at some point in her life encounters an evening occasion that requires that special dress. There are so many options these days that finding the right dress for the night can be daunting.

An evening dress can be defined as attire worn during formal affairs. Mainly these types of evening dress styleclothing are made using high quality material and are sometimes heavily decorated for the appeal. Most of them come as full length and have different effects, for instance the tailored dresses have a figure flattering effect on you. The following is a list of the most popular evening dress styles trending currently;

  1. Hi-low dresses

These types of dresses are designed such that one side of the lower half of the dress is lower cut than the other. Mainly the front is always lower cut than the back side. The top of the dress can either be sleeved or sleeveless. They come in different colors according to preference

  1. A-line dresses

As their name goes, A-line are designed such that they look like the capital letter A when worn. The top of the dress is fitting but it loosens downwards. This type of evening wear does not have any pleats or gathers anywhere. It gives you that simple yet elegant look. Most of them come as full length and have different effects, for instance the tailored dresses have a figure flattering effect on you.

  1. Sheath dresses

These are the most common type in the evening dress styles. They are close fitting all through from the top to the feet. They come in straps, sleeves or sleeveless. Others come in bare-back designs.

  1. Empire dress

This one is such that, the top is body hugging up to beneath the bust line. The rest of the dress is free flowing. Again it comes either in straps, sleeves or sleeveless.

  1. Trumpet dress

Just like the trumpet itself, this dress is tailored to resemble the instrument. It is close fitting all the way to the knees, thereafter, it blooms open flowing freely. You can choose the sleeves you prefer with this type too.

  1. Mermaid dress

Some girls dream of being mermaids at some points in their lives. This dress could be their dream fulfiller. It is made to fit closely the entire body but, it has the mermaid tail which flows out at the feet area.

How and where to make your purchase

You are probably wondering how to know the best brand for the perfect evening dress, whether fresh from the runway by a celebrity, or that new unused dress. The list below is a compilation of the most reliable evening and formal dress brands. They can be bought either online or you can just reach up to their stores by yourself.

You might not be close to any of the above mentioned, but that doesn’t lock you out. You can shop for the dresses online from;